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"Ask The Naturopath"





Stay Safe, Be Healthy

“Greetings Women of Intention,

It has become clear that we are facing an unprecedented global challenge, the Coronavirus Infectious Disease 2019, COVID-19 (Coronavirus). I wanted to send you a personal note to let you know how I am responding to this pandemic.

Please know, I am humbled by your continued loyalty and support and take my responsibility of providing optimum personalized well-being services for your mind/body/business/life transition very seriously.

From the onset of this situation, I have been listening to appropriate sources for accurate and up to date information, and have submerged myself in diligent research for facts, not fear.

My preparedness plan below reflects such efforts. I have been actively monitoring the situation and assessing various risks to implement immediate changes as needed to guarantee a high level of safety for all customers receiving tailored care services at The Holistic Spa-Tique from The Naturopath.

Safety, Precaution and Protection Measures:

  • I continue to incorporate rigorous cleaning procedures and have increased hand sanitizers for customers’ use. I have also included additional cleaning materials that inactivate biocidal agents, such as COVID-19, on surface areas within 1 minute, according to the Journal of Hospital Infection, such as 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, and 0.1% sodium hydrochlorite.

  • I have taken great care to implement sensible steps to protect my own safety. This means fewer community meetings/conferences/seminars, limiting travel, and taking extra time for personal care and well-being to stave off possible exposure.
  • I monitor new developments daily so that I can quickly adapt and evolve services needed for the best possible restorative experience provided in the Holistic Spa-Tique. 

I recognize this is a challenging time for all and I remain deeply committed to the welfare and well-being of my customers, my surrounding communities, and my family.

I look forward to continuing to provide you the utmost care as you maintain living your best life.”

Yours in Service,

N.D. Grace, The Naturopath